Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hand in Progress day 3

Hand in progress day 2

Sometimes I have trouble getting much done because of students having difficulty. Although I generally use my own project to demonstrate problems, sometimes it doesn't help. I didn't get anything added today.

Students struggle a great deal with trying to look at an object and work with the clay to make it look the same. I have to remind them several times to really LOOK at their hands. I think adding the thumb is always the hardest part of this assignment. They have a tendency to attach it much too high on the side of the hand rather than down by the wrist.

Finished hands

You can see I have taught many sculpture classes. This project is realism, additive and modeling technique, using red clay. Generally we have high fired this project and waxed to create age. These are the many examples I have made for the class.

Low Relief Sculpture

This little creature is another character in my book.

Portrait Sculptures

Along with pottery, I also do many sculptures: these two happen to be
family members.

Character from Book

This is one of my little creatures in the book I wrote in college.

Low Relief Sculptures

These are really fun to do - a cookie press such as those the Swedish make as a family tradition.